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Spearfishing is the most eco-friendly way to catch fish as hunters only take what they want and need, and no waste is left behind. However, it takes skill, patience, technique, and specialist equipment to do it right Ė and do it safely. At Dive Warehouse, we stock a vast range of spearfishing gear from more than a dozen top brands. Make us your one-stop shop for everything you need for a successful spearfishing experience, whether you are diving in Australian waters, Cape Verde, The Azores, Indonesia, Kenya or somewhere else. Read more [+]

Spearfishing Wetsuits and Diving Gear

The wetsuit you choose for your spearfishing adventure will depend on the time of year you are diving and the temperature of the water. While the Great Barrier Reef and Gold Coast waters are generally warm, you will need different gear if you are spearfishing in Sydney or Melbourne. If youíre not sure whether you need a 2mm or a 5mm wetsuit, and whether thermals will be necessary, you can ask us for advice in-store or get in touch.

As well as wetsuits, at Dive Warehouse you will find spearfishing gloves, socks, fins, weights, floats and buoys, belts, vests, masks and snorkels. Our wide range of masks and snorkels includes brands such as Mares, Oceanic, Cressi, and more.

Mask, Snorkel and Fin Spear Packs

Our mask, snorkel and fin spear packs include the basic items of kit that are essential to get you started with spearfishing. Here at Dive Warehouse, our experts pair the items in the pack together for you, so not only do you benefit from our experience and knowledge of spearfishing gear, but you also enjoy a discounted price.

Spearguns and Speargun Accessories

Spearguns come in a range of designs, lengths, materials and weights and itís essential that you get the right one so that you enjoy the experience and stay safe. At Dive Warehouse, we stock different size spearguns from 55cm to 1.3m, from brands including Cressi, Rob Allen, Mares, Ocean Hunter, and more. Our prices are among the best in Australia so you can be sure you are getting maximum value for money.

Speargun Spare Parts and Hunting Equipment

As well as spearguns, we stock spare parts, spear shafts and heads, speargun rubber, accessories and software. Spearfishing knives are an important part of your equipment and you need to be sure that you are buying the right one. You will need your knife for killing fish quickly and humanely and cutting line and rope.

Because we carry such a wide range of stock, when you order from us, we typically have your item in stock and that means we are able to ship it out to you the same day or the next day. If you prefer to come into our store, you can touch, feel and see items for yourself before you buy them.

To get kitted out with everything you need for a safe and enjoyable spearfishing expedition, visit our site and browse the items we have available. If you are unsure about anything, get in touch with us.

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Mares Neoprene Mask Tamer
Market price: $14.95 save 13%
Ocean Hunter Chameleon Core 3 Wetsuit
Market price: $159.00 save 13%
Mares Avanti Quattro Power Full Foot Fin
Market price: $229.00 save 26%
Mares Smart Apnea Freediving Computer
Rob Allen Scorpia EVO Fin
Market price: $159.99 save 2%
Aussie Reel Line
Market price: $74.99 save 9%
Aussie Reels Cuda Reel
Market price: $149.00 save 7%
Aussie Reels Woodie Reel
Market price: $149.00 save 7%
Blue Explorer Spearo Knife
Cressi (Reef Line) Rubber Weight Belt
Cressi 1 Piece Hand Spear
Cressi 10L Rigid Float Rigged
Market price: $139.95 save 36%

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Displaying Products 1-12 of 248
 Show Results:1230all

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