Mares Simple Loader

Colour: Black
Sale price$9.99 AUD


  • Durable Plastic

  • Loads Pneumatic Guns

  • Comfortable to Hold

Mares Simple Loader

The Mares Simple Loader is a very small yet very valuable item that you need and use when loading pneumatic spearguns. The Mares Cyrano and Sten guns are air powered and therefore have no rubbers to pull back. To load a pneumatic gun, you need to push the spear back in to the mechanise against all of the air pressure so it is not easy. Without a simple loader, this task is absolutely impossible as you can not get a grip on the spear so have to leverage. The Mares simple loader is put over the tip of the spear and used as a grip to push the spear back and lock it in to place. When spearfishing, we recommend to always have at least 2 simple loaders on you at all times as if you drop one, you dive is over. At a super affordable price, having back ups is a must.

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