Rob Allen Vecta Gun Reel

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Size: 55cm
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  • Hold over 55 meters of 2mm line.

  • 30% glass filled Nylon with Graphite filled acetyl bushes.

  • Stainless steel thread on the drag nut.

Rob Allen Vecta Gun Reel

The Rob Allen Vecta gun reel a great item to have when looking to hunt larger fish. It has been built to hold over 55 meters of 2mm line which is plenty of line when spearfishing. It only weighs a light 95g and does no effect the guns performance or handling. The Rob Allen gun reel comes with a bracket attachment to place on your gun but does not come with the line. It can in fact be put on majority of guns, however the Rob Allen gun range already come with the mounting bracket. The reel is connected to the mono that is connected to the spear. With a gun reel, you can eliminate the float as when the fish takes off and you need to get some air, the 55 meter line will be plenty for you to get to the surface. Then you can pull the line in to retreive your fish. The reel is not designed to be used as a fishing line reel, you will need to pull the line in hand over hand then reel the line on after your fish is off. The gun reels are generally put on the longer guns that are hitting the larger fish, however you can put it on any size gun if you wish.

For any more information, feel free to contact us here at Dive Warehouse where we will answer any questions regarding the Rob Allen Gun Reel.

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