Rob Allen Bulk Rubber - 1m Length

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Size: 14 mm - 1 m
Colour: Blue
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  • High performance

  • Various thicknesses

  • Coloured outer layer for increase protection

Rob Allen Bulk Rubber 

The Rob Allen rubber is manufactured by a dip processing routine. While costing a little more than the average rubber, this enables fewer additives are to be used which enhances performance on the guns. The blue coloured outer layer increases protection from the environments because it is coated and the amber inner core is what gives you the performance. It is available in 16mm, 18mm and 20mm thicknesses. The 16mm is generally for lighter 7mm spears, the 18mm and the 20mm is ideal for longer single rubber guns with heavier spears such as 7.5mm. Majority of guns will come standard with a 16mm rubber, however they can all be upgraded for more power. Adding a second 16mm rubber on to your gun to have twin rubbers will increase your shooting power and allow you to penetrate through thicker fish. Sold per metre.

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