Mares Mini Sten 41cm Shaft (Zinc)

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Size: 41cm
Colour: Stainless Steel
Sale price$34.99 AUD Regular price$39.99 AUD


  • PR-80 Pro Steel Shaft
  • Suitable for Mares Sten Gun
  • Zinc coated

Mares Mini Sten 41cm Shaft (Zinc)

Introducing the Mares Mini Sten Gun 41cm Shaft (Zinc), a must-have addition to your spearfishing arsenal. Crafted with precision, this shaft features a robust PR-80 Steel construction tailored for 8mm single-fin pneumatic spearguns. Whether you're a seasoned underwater enthusiast or a beginner looking to enhance your gear, this shaft is the perfect accessory to complete your spearfishing equipment. Designed to effortlessly pair with the Sten spearfishing pneumatic speargun, its 41cm length and durable zinc composition ensure optimal performance and reliability in every dive. Elevate your underwater adventures with the Mares Mini Sten Gun 41cm Shaft, combining innovation and functionality in one essential package.

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