Rob Allen 7mm Double Notch Shaft

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Size: 120cm 80cm Gun
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  • Tricut shaft tip
  • 7mm thickness
  • Spring steel flopper

Rob Allen 7mm Double Notch Shaft

Explore the Rob Allen 7mm Double Notch Spear Shaft – a superior choice crafted from a resilient carbon alloy spring steel blend, delivering the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. Designed for versatility, this 7mm shaft exhibits impressive long-range fish penetration capabilities, ideal for medium to large aquatic targets. However, the full potential of the shaft's power hinges on the appropriate gun length and rubber configuration, ensuring the spear reaches its optimum strength and precision.

The tri-cut tip showcases exceptional sharpness, ensuring effortless fish penetration upon impact. Complemented by a spring steel flopper, this spear allows you to maintain a secure hold on your catch during the fight, preventing accidental detachment. The double-notch design provides an extra edge, enabling you to load two rubbers independently onto their respective notches. This feature harnesses additional power, particularly useful when pursuing larger fish.

Every spear length is meticulously designed to harmonize with specific gun lengths, accommodating individual diver preferences for overhang. Elevate your spearfishing experience with the Rob Allen 7mm Double Notch Spear Shaft – a remarkable blend of durability, precision, and adaptability, setting a new standard in underwater hunting gear.

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