Mares Pro Flex Snorkel

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Colour: Black
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  • Ergonomic
  • Universal
  • Super durable

Mares Pro Flex Snorkel

Introducing the Mares Pro Flex Snorkel – an advanced diving snorkel designed to enhance your underwater adventures with its innovative features and exceptional performance.

The Pro Flex snorkel is crafted with two soft materials, offering a unique blend of comfort and flexibility. Its curved and ergonomic structure ensures a natural and comfortable fit, allowing you to breathe easily during extended diving or snorkeling sessions.

The snorkel is equipped with a sliding snorkel holder, providing easy and convenient positioning for optimal comfort and usability. The silicone mouthpiece further enhances the snorkel's comfort, making it perfect for prolonged use.

Dive confidently into thrilling underwater explorations with the Mares Pro Flex Snorkel, experiencing unmatched ease of breathing and comfort throughout your dives or snorkeling sessions. Embrace the excellence of this diving accessory, designed to elevate your underwater experiences to new heights.

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