Cressi 17.5L Torpedo Inflatable Float

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Colour: Red
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  • Canvas covered
  • Includes 18m of line
  • Dive flag

Cressi 17.5L Torpedo Inflatable Float

Discover the Cressi 17.5L Torpedo Inflatable Float: a streamlined solution meticulously designed to redefine your aquatic experience. This torpedo-shaped float is expertly crafted to minimize wind resistance, ensuring effortless navigation through the water.

Constructed from robust heat-sealed PVC, this float boasts two distinct inner air chambers—one at the top and one at the bottom. The bottom chamber serves a dual purpose, allowing you to introduce water for ballast, enhancing stability and control.

At one end of the float, a double anchoring system is thoughtfully placed for the flag pole, providing a secure spot for visibility enhancement. On the opposite end, the lower half features an anchor point for the line, ensuring convenient connectivity during your underwater adventures.

The Cressi 17.5L Torpedo Inflatable Float doesn't stop at functionality—it goes the extra mile. With six sturdy loops positioned at the two ends of the lower half, this float is designed to accommodate accessories or spare poles, offering versatility and adaptability to your needs.

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