Mares Jet Pneumatic Speargun

Size: 41cm
Colour: Black
Sale price$269.95 AUD


  • High capacity air tank
  • Compact
  • Lightweight

Mares Jet Pneumatic Speargun

Introducing the Jet Spearfishing Speargun – the ultimate choice that offers the best quality/price ratio on the market, combining exceptional performance and affordability.

The captivating black design with striking orange details not only looks impressive but also reflects the high reliability of this speargun. Whether you're an experienced spearfisher or a beginner, the Jet speargun guarantees an unforgettable underwater adventure.

Featuring a compact one-piece muzzle, a 13mm inner barrel, and an 8mm threaded shaft, this speargun ensures optimal power and precision during your hunts. The 40mm outer barrel and lightweight one-piece head provide durability without compromising on maneuverability. The Jet speargun is designed with a reinforced spinner, enhancing the overall sturdiness and ensuring smooth operation while hunting.

Dive confidently and experience the unbeatable quality and performance of the Jet Spearfishing Speargun. This speargun is your go-to choice for successful spearfishing trips without breaking the bank.

Embrace the excellence of the Jet Spearfishing Speargun, your ultimate companion for thrilling spearfishing adventures. Explore the depths with confidence, knowing that this speargun delivers outstanding results, making your underwater hunts unforgettable and rewarding.

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse with fresh water after every use to remove all sand and sea water
  • Keep rubbers in the freezer if not being used for long periods of time - this slows down the perishing process
  • Remove spear when cleaning and dry throughly before storing
  • Keep in a dry and safe place
  • Store in a speargun bag if possible
  • Do not load out of water
  • Do not rely on the safety catch

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