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Snorkeling is an extremely popular sport and anyone who can swim can snorkel. The most important item to have when snorkeling is a good fitting mask that fits your face like a glove. There is nothing worse than having a leaking mask where all you are doing is emptying it the whole time. You can get a great fitting mask by trying it on and making sure that when you breath in through your nose, air does not get in. If air cant get in, then water cant get it. Your snorkelling mask provides you the ability to see all of the amazing creaturs and critters in the underwater world. There is an endless supply of fish, coral, and other wonders in our oceans and seas to see. To get the most out of your snorkel enjoyment and comfort you need a high quality mask to allow you to enjoy the underwater viewing. Snorkeling goggles come in an wide choice of style and color and price points. Some of the brands that we carry here at Dive Warehouse are Mares, Oceanic, Tusa and Cressi. Within each of these brands are many different styles as we understand that every face is completely different and we cant all wear the same mask. Goggles are the essential part of diving and snorkeling as without this snorkeling equipment, you wont see anything. There is no best snorkeling mask on the market that you can be reccomended as each one fits differently so a good scuba mask is the one that fits you the best with a good seal. All of the mask straps and skirts here are made with 100% silicone and tempered glass which mean that they are made of top quality and will last for many years when looked after. Within the styles of masks that we carry here, you can choose from Black silicone or clear silicone and it really is a personal preference with which type you go for. Black silicone will tunnel your vision to give clear focus and will prevent any glare from the suns harsh rays, where as clear silicone will open up your peripheral vision to give an amazing fielf of vision.


Defogging your snorkeling mask is also something you need to think about. Every new mask will fog up, no matter how much it cost. This is due to the fact that when a mask is made, there is a thin layer of silicone that sticks to the inside of the lenses, this is what causes the masks to fog. To remove this layer, a pre cleaner can be purchased which is a slight abrasive that gets rid of that layer. After cleaning the mask, you will need to also now put a anti fog on the inside of the lens, this can also be purchased.


Snorkels are also a major part of your snorkeling equipment, these allow you to save air while waiting on the surface without taking mouth fulls of water on choppy days. They also allow you to snorkel to the dive spot or back to the boat after coming up from your dive. When snorkeling, or diving a snorkel is a must and you can learn how to snorkel extremely quickly with a few quick tips. There are 2 types of snorkels to choose from including semi dry and dry top. A semi dry snorkel has a open top that will take in water if you duck dive under, when you resurface you will use one breath to blow out the water through the purge valve. With a dry top snorkel, when you duck dive under the water, the top valve will close to prevent any water to enter the snorkel so when you resurface, there will be no water to empty, even though you should always blow out one breath. A snorkeling snorkel is also a major part of your snorkeling gear, this is the item that allows you to have your head under water admiring all of the exciting critters, yet letting you still breath. Masks and snorkel come in packs together but also can be sold seperatly.


At Dive Warehouse we carry a large range of adults and junior snorkeling mask and snorkel sets. Brands including Mares, Tusa and Oceanic. When looking at snorkel equipment or diving equipment, make sure you take your time and choose then items that suit your face and your style as there is no brand or style that is best, no matter what anyone says as its so incredibly personal.

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Cressi Duke Full Face Snorkeling Mask
Cressi Marea VIP Junior Set
Cressi Minifog Sponge Anti-Fog
Cressi Palau and Marea Set
Cressi Perla and Palau Fin Pack
Cressi Perla Mask and Snorkel Set
Cressi Pluma Bag Set
Cressi Pro Star Mask, Snorkel and Fin Set
Intova Full Face Snorkel Mask
Mares Junior X-One and Pirate Set
Mares Pearl Mask and Snorkel Set
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Mares Ray Mask

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