Cressi Duke Full Face Mask

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  • Natural Breathing Experience
  • Dry Top Snorkel
  • Adjustable Straps

Cressi Duke Full Face Snorkeling Mask 

The Cressi Duke Snorkelling Mask features a full face design which eliminates the need to put a snorkel in your mouth. Cressi Duke is the evolution of the first full-face mask ever produced, called the Medusa, made in 1946. 

This unique design has been created to provide the maximum field of vision with 180 degree viewing- approximately 30% more viewing than a standard mask. It is made with 100% silicone which means that it is extremely soft on your face, allowing you to wear it for hours and still be comfortable. It also has an adjustable elastic strap which enables the user to get a perfect fit each and every time.

The built in snorkel sits on the top of the mask and has a dry top design. As your nose and mouth are in a separate chamber to your eyes, this means that you will never have fogging issues in the top compartment. If you are uncomfortable at all with the standard snorkel mask, you will absolutely love this design.

As the snorkel opens into a conjoined breathing chamber we recommend using this for surface snorkelling only.

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse in fresh water after every use
  • Do not use harsh chemicals on the mask
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight

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