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Your scuba mask provides you the ability to see all of the amazing creatures and vistas the underwater world has to offer. There is an abundance of fish, coral and other wonders in our oceans for you to explore and behold. To get the most enjoyment out of your diving experience you need a high quality mask. Scuba diving masks come in a variety of styles, colors and price points. Some of the brands that we carry here at Dive Warehouse are Mares, Oceanic, Tusa, AquaLung and Cressi. Each brand boasts it's own wide variety of mask styles, as every face is shaped differently- and the best mask for you is the one which fits your face and seals well!  All of the maskskirts here are made from 100% silicone and masks are fitted with tempered glass lenses. Being made from top quality materials means that, if looked after properly, they will last you for many years. Within the styles of masks that we carry here, you can choose from black silicone or clear silicone and it really is a personal preference which type you go for. Black silicone will tunnel your vision to give clear focus and will minimize extra glare from the suns harsh rays, whereas clear silicone will open up your peripheral vision and offer a wider field of vision.


Dive snorkels are also a major part of your scuba diving equipment. Breathing through a snorkel when at the surface will allow you to save on tank air and prevent you taking in mouth fulls of water on choppy days. They also allow you to snorkel to the dive spot or back to the boat after coming up from your dive. When snorkelling or diving, a snorkel is a must and you can learn how to snorkel extremely quickly with a few quick tips. There are 2 types of snorkels to choose from: semi dry and dry top. A semi dry snorkel has an open top that will take in water if you duck dive below the surface. This water can be cleared upon resurfacing using one breath to blow the water out through the purge valve. With a dry top snorkel, when you duck dive the top valve will close,  preventing water from entering the snorkel. When you resurface there will be no water needing to be emptied, athough for safe practice you should always blow out one breath before inhaling. 


No matter what your friends may use or recommend, there is no one brand or style that is the best- the best is the mask that fits to your individual face. So make sure you take your time, try on a few options and choose a mask and snorkel that are best suited for you. 

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Cressi Calibro Mask
Market price: $135.00 save 7%
Cressi Quantum
Market price: $179.95 save 6%
Mares Viper Mask
Market price: $119.95 save 12%
Mares X-Free Mask
Sal Vimar Noah Mask
Market price: $139.00 save 10%
Cressi Nano Crystal Mask
Market price: $149.00 save 16%
Atomic Venom Frameless Mask
Market price: $299.00 save 10%
Oceanic Shadow Mask
Tusa Freedom One Mask
Market price: $135.00 save 16%
Tusa Freedom Ceos Mask
Market price: $139.99 save 15%
Mares X-Vision 14 Ultra Liquidskin
$135.99 - $143.99
Market price: $159.00 save 9%
Cressi Lince Mask
Market price: $99.99 save 15%

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Displaying Products 1-12 of 55
 Show Results:1230all

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