Diving Knives

Diving Knives

Be prepared for everything underwater with Dive Warehouse

A dive knife is an essential part of your safety kit when scuba diving. It is not something you will need to use very often – many divers never need to use their knives at all, but it is always worth carrying one to make sure you are prepared for every possible circumstance underwater..
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At Dive Warehouse, we make it easy to find the perfect diving knife for you, with our wide range of knives specifically designed for scuba diving.

An extensive range of the highest quality scuba diving knives

Our scuba diving knives are designed to cater for every diving requirement and budget. We stock a range of different sizes to ensure you can find a scuba diving knife which feels comfortable and suits your hand size, so you can use it easily if you ever need to.

With a choice of titanium or stainless steel blades, different blade lengths, serrated edges or blunt-tipped knives, we make sure you can find a dive knife which perfectly suits your needs, making you feel more confident and protected every time you venture underwater.

Most of our knives come with leg straps so you can keep your knife conveniently strapped to yourself and ensure it can always be reached easily in an emergency. Others are fitted with belt clips. Alternatively, a dive knife is compact enough to be stored in your BCD pocket, so it is within easy reach if you ever need to use it. By carrying a scuba diving knife you can free yourself or your dive buddy from fishing line or rope, shoud a rare entanglement occur.


Browse our range of dive knives

With top brands available including Aquatec, Cressi, Mares and TUSA, you can be assured that every dive knife you purchase from Dive Warehouse is of the highest quality, made from durable materials that are built to last. We also make sure the price is right, offering impressive cost savings on market prices and FREE shipping on all orders over $75.

Ordering online with us is simple and secure, and we process all orders within one day. Check out our collection of scuba diving knives here, or please don’t hesitate to ask if you would like to find out more about our other products such as spearfishing knives.

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Aquatec Raptor Knife
Market price: $99.99 save 15%
Aquatec T-Rex Stainless Steel Dive Knife
Market price: $114.00 save 16%
Aquatec T-Rex Titanium Dive Knife
Market price: $199.00 save 15%
Blue Explorer Spearo Knife
Cressi Apnea 9BE Black Knife
Market price: $63.00 save 19%
Mares Force Dive Knife
Market price: $99.99 save 16%
Mares Force Nano Knife
Market price: $89.99 save 14%
Mares Hand Ceramic Line Cutter
Market price: $59.95 save 10%
O'Pro Knife Strap Set
Market price: $12.99 save 15%
Ocean Hunter Shadow Knife
Market price: $29.99 save 13%
Ocean Pro BC Knife
Market price: $59.99 save 10%
Tusa Mini Knife
Market price: $54.99 save 15%

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Displaying Products 1-12 of 14
 Show Results:1230all

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