Zoggs Water Wings Float Suit

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Size: 1-2 Years
Colour: Blue
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  • Zip Closure On Back

  • Stage 2 In Water Confidence

  • Available in 2 Sizes

Zoggs Water Wings Float Suit


The Zoggs Water Wings Float Suit is swim suit that is stage 2 in water confidence. It is designed to put the children in to a forward swim position to give them a better feel for swimming. This are a water confidence learn to swim suitt and is NOT a life vest. Every child should be wearing some sort of bouyance vest when around water if they can not swim and these are perfect. Whether youare at the beach, camping near a lake or in the backyard pool, the Zoggs water wings will be great and give you peace of mind for safety. Coming in bright safety colors of Purple and Blue this suit is a popular pick this season when choosing a swim aid. This is not a life saving devise and the child needs to be supervised by an adult at all times. Available in size 1-2 years or 11kg to 15kg and 2-3 years or 15kg to 18kg. The zip closure is on the back and allows easy access for parents to put on and off, however the child can not get to the zipper and there fore can not remove the jacket.

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