Zoggs Ultima Air Titanium Goggle

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Size: Adult
Colour: Black/Orange
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The Zoggs Ultima Air Titanium Goggle is an advanced swim eyewear designed for swimmers seeking premium features and cutting-edge technology. The goggles are equipped with Titanium lenses, providing enhanced visibility and reducing glare, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor swimming environments.

Featuring Zoggs' innovative Air Cushion Technology, the Ultima Air Titanium Goggle offers a comfortable and secure fit. The air-filled gaskets provide a cushioned seal around the eyes, minimizing pressure and ensuring a leak-free swimming experience. The durable and adjustable silicone strap contributes to a customized fit for swimmers of all levels.

With an anti-fog coating and UV protection, these goggles maintain clear vision and shield the eyes from the sun's harmful rays. The sleek design and Titanium lenses add a touch of sophistication to the overall aesthetic.

Whether you're a fitness swimmer or a competitive athlete, the Zoggs Ultima Air Titanium Goggle combines comfort, performance, and style to elevate your swimming experience. Dive into the water with confidence, as Zoggs continues to deliver top-notch quality and innovation in swim gear.

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