Zoggs Triton Goggle

Size: Adult
Colour: Black/Black
Sale price$22.99 AUD


The Zoggs Triton Goggle is a reliable and performance-driven eyewear option designed to meet the needs of swimmers across various skill levels. Whether you're a fitness swimmer or a recreational enthusiast, the Triton Goggle offers a blend of comfort, clarity, and durability.

Featuring UV protection and anti-fog lenses, the Triton Goggle ensures clear vision and eye safety during both indoor and outdoor swims. The lenses are crafted from durable materials, providing impact resistance and long-lasting performance.

The goggle's design includes a comfortable silicone frame and seals, delivering a secure and leak-free fit. The split-yoke strap system with a quick-adjust mechanism allows for easy customization, ensuring a snug fit for different face shapes. The low-profile design minimizes drag in the water, contributing to improved hydrodynamics.

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