Zoggs Adult Pull Buoy

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Colour: Black/Orange
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  • 4 Layer Contour Design

  • Adult Size

  • 23cm x 8.5cm in Size

Product Description

The Zoggs Pullbuoy is an adult sized pullbuoy that is designed for swimming to increase fitness in your upper body. It is made from a durable EVA construction and has a body contouring figure to give maximum comfort and allows for correct leg width. It consists of four layers to provide the optimum buoyancy to assist with alignment in the water which allows you to be in the correct position for swimming. One of the biggest problems in swimming is having that perfect alignment in the water as most peoples legs sink which makes it harder to swim. The Pullbuoy is designed to be placed between your thighs to prevent you from kicking which means that you are only able to use your upper body to get you from point A to point B. This does indeed make it harder, however your upper body is getting a great workout and building muscles at the same time whilst the floatation from the buoy is keeping your back end afloat. Beginners or advanced swimmers can use this item, however if you are not a strong swimmer, perhaps use a kickboard and a pair of long fins instead until you are confident.

Product Features

  • Durable EVA construction

  • Contoured shape

  • 4 Layers

  • Comfortable fit


  • Grey and Blue


  • Adult - One size fits most

  • 14cm x 23cm x 9cm

Care Instructions

  • Rinse in clean water after every use to remove chlorine

  • Do not use chemicals to clean the board

  • Do not leave in direct sunlight

  • Store in a dry and safe place

  • This is not a life saving device

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