Zoggs Phantom Junior Mask

Size: 6 - 14 yrs
Colour: Blue/White
Sale price$29.99 AUD


Introducing the Zoggs Phantom Junior Mask, the perfect companion for your child's aquatic adventures, whether it's a family holiday or swimming lessons. Designed with precision and comfort in mind, these goggles are a must-have for young swimmers.

Featuring cool blue-tinted lenses, the Phantom Junior Mask offers medium protection against bright light, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor swimming sessions. Your child can dive into their aquatic activities with confidence, knowing their eyes are shielded from harsh glare.

With the advanced CLT Curved Lens Technology, these goggles provide an impressive 180-degree peripheral vision, allowing your little one to explore the underwater world with exceptional clarity. UV protection ensures their eyes are safe from harmful sun rays, while the Fogbuster anti-fog technology guarantees moisture control, ensuring uninterrupted, crystal-clear vision.

The Zoggs Phantom Junior Mask is more than just a swim accessory; it's a gateway to incredible underwater experiences. Invest in these goggles today and watch your child's swimming adventures reach new depths of enjoyment and safety. Dive into the world of Zoggs, where vision, protection, and comfort combine for an unforgettable aquatic journey.

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