Zoggs Phantom 2.0 Adult Goggle

Size: Adult
Colour: Black/Red
Sale price$23.99 AUD
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The Zoggs Phantom 2.0 Adult Goggle is an advanced eyewear solution designed for adult swimmers seeking optimal performance and comfort in the water. Packed with features, these goggles are suitable for various swimming activities, from fitness sessions to competitive racing.

The Phantom 2.0 Goggle boasts curved lenses with a photochromatic feature, adapting to changing light conditions for enhanced visibility both indoors and outdoors. The lenses also provide UV protection and anti-fog capabilities, ensuring a clear and safe view during your swim.

Designed for a precision fit, the goggles feature a Soft-Seal™ hypo-allergenic frame that molds to the contours of your face, providing a comfortable and leak-free seal. The Quick Adjust™ strap system allows for easy customization, ensuring a secure fit for different head sizes.

With a low-profile design to minimize drag and enhance hydrodynamics, the Zoggs Phantom 2.0 Goggle offers a balance of style and performance. Whether you're a competitive swimmer or a fitness enthusiast, these goggles provide the technology and comfort needed to elevate your swimming experience. Dive in with confidence, knowing that the Phantom 2.0 is engineered to meet the demands of serious swimmers.

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