Zoggs Little Sonic Air Junior Goggle

Size: Junior
Colour: Blue/Orange
Sale price$24.99 AUD


The Zoggs Little Sonic Air Junior Goggle is a specially designed eyewear option for young swimmers, providing comfort, visibility, and durability tailored to the needs of junior athletes. With a focus on both functionality and style, these goggles are an excellent choice for young swimmers learning to navigate the water.

The Little Sonic Air Junior Goggle features a lightweight design, making it comfortable for extended use in the pool. The air cushion technology provides a cushioned seal around the eyes, enhancing comfort and preventing water ingress. The tinted lenses not only reduce glare but also offer UV protection, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor swimming.

Equipped with an easy-adjust strap system, these goggles can be customized for a secure and comfortable fit on various face sizes. The colorful and vibrant design adds a fun element to the swimming experience, making these goggles appealing to young swimmers.

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