Zoggs Endura Mirrored Goggle

Size: Adult
Colour: Blue
Sale price$21.99 AUD
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Introducing the Zoggs Endura Mirror Ladies Goggle, specifically designed for smaller and narrower faces. Engineered with ultra-soft silicone and an adjustable nose bridge, it ensures an optimal, personalized fit. Say goodbye to hair-pulling adjustments; the hassle-free straps can be effortlessly customized. Featuring 100% UV protection, these goggles prioritize the safety of your precious eyes, especially during outdoor swims. Embrace the sun without worries, thanks to the reliable shield against harsh rays. The Zoggs Endura Goggle boasts a mirrored lens and is equipped with an effective anti-fog coating for crystal-clear vision.

Remember, the anti-fog coating on your goggles is delicate. Avoid touching the inside of the lenses to prevent damage. To keep them fog-free, simply submerge the goggles in water before wearing them. In case the anti-fog layer wears off, you can easily purchase a spray bottle of anti-fog solution to reapply the coating. Keep your goggles in top condition and enjoy your swimming experience without any hindrances. 

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