Zoggs Cottesloe Powerback Womens

Size: 10
Color: Black
Sale price$59.99 AUD


Dive into superior comfort and performance with the Zoggs Cottesloe Powerback Women's swimsuit, a must-have for your swim wardrobe. Engineered with your comfort and fit in mind, this one-piece marvel is your go-to choice for lane sessions. The cutting-edge Ecolast+™ fabric ensures a 100% chlorine-resistant experience, backed by our Lifetime Guarantee, eliminating concerns about fabric deterioration during your laps. Plus, you'll be making an eco-conscious choice as this innovative fabric is crafted from recycled plastic bottles.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate swimwear experience with the Cottesloe Powerback, where style meets sustainability. This swimsuit isn't just about making a splash in the pool; it's a commitment to durability and environmental responsibility. Elevate your aquatic sessions and enjoy the confidence that comes with a swimsuit designed for performance and planet-friendly practices. Choose the Zoggs Cottesloe Powerback Women's swimsuit for a blend of style, endurance, and eco-consciousness that redefines your swimming journey.

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