Vorgee Voyager Tinted Goggle

Size: Adult
Colour: Black
Sale price$22.99 AUD


  • One piece silicone frame

  • Quick fit strap system

  • UV Protection

Vorgee Voyager Goggle

The Vorgee Voyager goggle is made from 100% silicone and fits majority of faces. It has a flat lens which offers optimum visual clarity and zero distortion and a quick fit strap system. It comes with an anti-fog coating and UV protected for outdoor swimming. Having the UV protection is so incredibly important when outside, the sun can easily damage eyes if they are not looked after. The one piece silicone frame makes this particular goggle extremely strong and durable as there are no weak points. Being a slightly larger lens, it is more commonly know as a comfortable swimming goggle for men and women. The double strap system allows more surface space to be covered when worn so tends to stay on longer with slipping, especially when diving in.

Note: Please note that you must never touch the inside of your swimming goggles, the anti-fog coating that is there will come off very easily from as little as you finger touching the lens will do this. Place your goggles in the water before using them, then straight on to your head. If your anti fog starts to come off, you can purchase a spray bottle of anti-fog to re-coat the lenses.

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