Vorgee Swimming Goggle Pouch

Colour: Black
Sale price$9.99 AUD


  • Protects your goggles

  • Neoprene sides

  • Safety clip

Vorgee Goggle Pouch

The Vorgee Goggle pouch is designed to keep your goggles in to protect them from getting scratched, damaged or lost. They are mostly made from a neoprene which is on the sides for cushioning and mesh pannels along the edge for aeration and quick drying. They have a handy clip on one end where you can secure it to your bag to prevent loosing them. Goggles get lost every single day and it can get costly when having to purchase new goggles every few weeks so keeping them in a safety pouch that is connected to you bag, they will never get lost again. When a goggle lens has scratch marks on them, it can be extremely hard to see out of, this pouch will prevent this problem.

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