Vorgee Water Wings Float Bands Size 1

Size: Size 1
Colour: Orange
Sale price$14.99 AUD


Vorgee Water Wings Float Bands Size 1 are specially designed swimming aids tailored for young children. Geared towards those within the age range of approximately 1 to 2 years or weighing around 11 to 15 kilograms, these float bands serve as invaluable tools for building water confidence in the pool.

With a focus on safety and ease of use, the Vorgee Water Wings Float Bands incorporate dual air chambers within each band. This dual-chamber design enhances buoyancy, providing an extra layer of security for young swimmers. The inclusion of non-leak valves ensures convenient and efficient inflation.

Crafted from durable and child-friendly materials, these float bands are typically made from safe-tek poly vinyl. This material is chosen for its resilience, reducing the likelihood of tears or punctures during use.

Endorsed by Swim Australia, the Vorgee Water Wings Float Bands Size 1 offer a reliable and endorsed solution for parents seeking to facilitate their toddlers' introduction to water activities. These float bands not only contribute to water safety but also make the learning process enjoyable for the little ones as they begin to explore the aquatic environment.

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