Vorgee Deep Water Running Belt

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Elevate your aquatic workouts with the Vorgee Deep Water Aqua Running Belt, a hydrodynamic marvel designed by the esteemed Australian brand. Tailored for swim training and hydrotherapy, this water-resistant belt crafted from supple high-quality soft polyethylene stands out in Vorgee's range of swim aids and hydrotherapy accessories. Positioned on your lower back and strapped around your waist, this aqua belt suspends your body vertically in deeper water, providing optimal support for water threading exercises.

Primarily designed to enhance core muscle strength and facilitate back rehabilitation, the aqua belt keeps you buoyant at shoulder level. Noteworthy features include its lower back-contoured shape and a quick-releasing buckle for added convenience. Available in three sizes to suit different weight ranges, the aqua belt caters to a diverse audience. However, it's important to note that this product is not a life-saving device and should only be used under competent supervision. Prioritize safety while enjoying the benefits of Vorgee's expertly crafted Deep Water Aqua Running Belt.

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