Tusa Freedom Elite Mask

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Size: Adult
Colour: Clear / Light Blue
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  • 100 % silicone
  • Tempered glass
  • Hypoallergenic

Tusa Freedom Elite Mask

The Tusa Freedom Elite Mask is a cutting-edge mask that offers divers an unparalleled combination of comfort, performance, and style. This mask incorporates Tusa's innovative Freedom Technology, which features a revolutionary skirt design that utilizes varying silicone thicknesses to achieve a superior seal and fit. The result is a comfortable, leak-free experience that accommodates a wide range of face shapes and sizes.

The Freedom Elite Mask boasts a low-profile and lightweight frame, ensuring minimal drag and allowing for effortless underwater movement. The crystal-clear lenses are made from tempered glass, providing exceptional clarity and durability. With an expanded field of vision, divers can fully immerse themselves in the beauty of the underwater world.

The mask's quick-adjust buckle system allows for easy and precise strap adjustments, ensuring a secure and customized fit. The hypoallergenic silicone skirt further enhances comfort during extended dives. Additionally, the low internal volume of the mask enables effortless clearing and reduces the need for equalization.

The Tusa Freedom Elite Mask is a perfect choice for divers who demand uncompromising quality. Whether you are a recreational diver or an experienced enthusiast, this mask delivers exceptional comfort, superb visibility, and outstanding performance to enhance your underwater adventures. Experience the freedom to explore with the Tusa Freedom Elite Mask.

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse in fresh water after every use

  • Do not use chemicals to clean

  • Do not leave in direct sunlight for extended periods of time

  • Do not dive in face first

  • Do not put near an open flame (this will destroy mask seals and void warranty)

  • Use anti-fog and pre cleaner to prevent fogging

  • Store in a cool place

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