Tovatec Fusion 1500 Torch

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  • 1500 lumens
  • Adjustable beam
  • Rechargeable

Tovatec Fusion 1500 Torch

The Tovatec Fusion 1500 Torch is a powerful primary underwater torch designed for diving and snorkeling. With its impressive 1500 lumens output, this torch delivers exceptional brightness to illuminate your underwater adventures. The adjustable beam allows you to switch between a focused 12° spotlight and a wide 100° beam, providing versatility in lighting options for different diving scenarios.

Operating the torch is simple with its single-button design, offering four different functions: 100% strength, 50%, 30%, and a strobe light for emergency situations. The rechargeable battery ensures a burn time of approximately 105 minutes, while the included AAA adaptor extends the burn time to 150 minutes when used with AAA batteries.

Built to withstand the demands of underwater exploration, the Tovatec Fusion 1500 Torch is waterproof up to 100 meters, making it suitable for diving in various environments. Its sleek black design, measuring 203mm x 53mm and weighing 481 grams, offers a comfortable grip and easy handling during your dives. Whether you're exploring vibrant reefs, investigating underwater caves, or capturing mesmerising underwater photography, this torch provides reliable performance, adjustable lighting, and a rechargeable battery to enhance your diving experience.

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse thoroughly in fresh water after every use
  • Ensure no moisture or dirt enters watch when changing battery
  • Do not use chemicals to clean
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight for extended periods of time
  • Store in cool place

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