Speedo Elite Pullbuoy

Colour: Black
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  • Engineered to isolate the upper body

  • Improves strength and technique

  • Aids development of upper body technique

Product Description

The Speedo Elite pullbuoy offers a complete solution for swimmers of all abilities who are looking to improve their health and fitness, technique or performance in the water. Developed using the latest technology and materials, the Speedo Elite Pullbuoy is the perfect accessory for any swim session. It is designed to improve upper body strength and technique by being put between your thighs to prevent you from kicking, this in turn makes your upper body work harder and therefore building strength. It is shaped with one side thicker than the other which helps to keep it between your legs, the thicker side faces forward so when you are swimming, this thicker side is pushing upwards to keep you afloat. The Elite pullbuoy can be used by all level of swimmers, however if you are learning to swim, it is not recommended as you need to concentrate on kicking techniques first.

Product Features

  • EVA foam

  • Improves technique and performance

  • Puts you in the optimal position

  • Improves upper body strength

  • Aids development of upper body technique

  • Prevents you from kicking


  • Grey


  • 13cm x 23cm x 5cm inner and 11cm outer

Care Instructions

  • Do not leave in direct sunlight

  • Wash throughly after every use with fresh water

  • Store in a dark place

  • Do not use chemicals on product

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