Speedo Biofuse Aquatic Ear Plugs

Colour: Blue
Sale price$20.00 AUD


Speedo Biofuse Ear Plugs are designed to enhance your swimming experience by providing reliable protection against water entering your ears. These earplugs feature Speedo's Biofuse technology, which combines soft, comfortable materials with a smart design for an ergonomic and secure fit. The Biofuse technology allows the earplugs to adapt to the unique contours of your ears, ensuring a comfortable and effective seal.

The soft and pliable materials used in Speedo Biofuse Ear Plugs make them comfortable for extended use, and they are suitable for various water activities, from casual swims to intense training sessions. By preventing water from entering the ear canal, these earplugs help reduce the risk of ear infections and discomfort caused by water exposure.

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