Speedo Aquapulse Pro Mirror Goggle

Size: Adult
Colour: Black
Sale price$65.00 AUD
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The Speedo Aquapulse Pro Mirror Goggle is a high-performance swimming accessory designed for competitive swimmers and fitness enthusiasts seeking superior comfort and advanced functionality. Featuring a sleek and hydrodynamic design, these goggles are equipped with mirrored lenses that not only reduce glare but also provide UV protection, ensuring clear vision even in bright conditions. The IQfit™ 3D goggle seal technology ensures a secure and leak-free fit, while the double silicone head strap offers additional stability during intense swim sessions. With anti-fog coating and interchangeable nose bridges for a customized fit, the Speedo Aquapulse Pro Mirror Goggle combines cutting-edge technology with ergonomic design for an unparalleled swimming experience. Dive into the pool with confidence, knowing that these goggles are engineered to enhance your performance in style.

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