Rob Allen Vecta Belt Reel - 60m

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Size: 60 Metres
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  • 60m In Size

  • Strong and Durable

  • Attaches to Weight Belt

Rob Allen Vecta Belt Reel Product Description

The Rob Allen Belt Reel is the ideal item to have when you are hunting large pelajic fish with a reel on the speargun. It is made from 30% glass filled nylon and stainless steel which is extremely strong and durable. Worn on your weight belt, this reel holds 60m of 1.8mm dyneema (not included) and is designed to allow larger fish to tire out once shot. This Belt reel is used if the reel on the gun is starting to run out, you can simply attach the belt reel line to give another 60m in length giving you time to get to the surface, catch your breath and begin to reel the fish in. The Rob Allen Vecta belt reel has an integrated handle and is set up for right handed divers, however this can easily be converted for a left handed diver.


  • Black


  • 60m

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