Rob Allen Spinner Teaser/Flasher

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Colour: Clear
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  • Stainless Steel

  • 1.3m length

  • Heavy duty squid bait

Rob Allen Spinner Teaser/Flasher

Introducing the Game-Changing Rob Allen Spinner Teaser/Flasher! Elevate your blue water hunting experience with this remarkable product. Crafted from stainless steel, this 1.3m masterpiece features three enticing spinners arranged along the line, complemented by a vibrant, heavy-duty rubber-coated squid at the base. The Spinner Teaser works wonders by luring predators with its captivating reflective light, water-caressing vibrations, and the irresistible squid temptation below. With its mesmerizing 360-degree spin, this captivating tool is your secret weapon for attracting fish like never before. Perfect for crystal-clear waters, the Rob Allen Spinner Teaser guarantees results. Should you find yourself in murkier conditions, consider the Rob Allen Ladder Teaser for optimal performance. Upgrade your hunting game today!

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