Rob Allen Open Cell 5mm Long Johns

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Size: Small
Colour: Camo Brown
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Experience unparalleled warmth and flexibility with Rob Allen Open Cell 5mm Long Johns. Crafted for the most demanding underwater conditions, these long johns are a staple for divers seeking top-tier performance. Designed by Rob Allen, a trusted name in spearfishing gear, these long johns feature premium open-cell neoprene construction, providing superior insulation and comfort.

The 5mm thickness offers excellent thermal protection while allowing for unrestricted movement, making them ideal for prolonged dives in colder waters. The anatomical cut ensures a snug fit, minimizing water entry and maximizing mobility.

Whether you're exploring reefs, hunting in open waters, or diving in colder climates, Rob Allen Open Cell 5mm Long Johns keep you warm and agile, allowing you to focus on your dive without distraction. Dive deeper and stay comfortable for longer with these high-performance long johns. Gear up and make the most of your underwater adventures with Rob Allen.

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