Rob Allen Open Cell 3.5mm Hooded Jacket

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Size: Large
Colour: Camo Brown
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Maximize your diving comfort with the Rob Allen Open Cell 3.5mm Hooded Jacket. Engineered for superior warmth and flexibility, this hooded jacket is a game-changer for underwater enthusiasts. Crafted by Rob Allen, a renowned name in spearfishing gear, this jacket features open-cell neoprene construction for optimal insulation and comfort.

The integrated hood provides added warmth and protection, ensuring you stay comfortable even in colder waters. The 3.5mm thickness strikes the perfect balance between thermal insulation and mobility, allowing for unhindered movement during dives.

With its anatomical cut and snug fit, the Rob Allen Open Cell 3.5mm Hooded Jacket minimizes water ingress, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout your underwater adventures. Whether you're spearfishing, snorkeling, or exploring underwater caves, this jacket offers the performance and reliability you need to dive with confidence. Gear up and dive deeper with the Rob Allen Hooded Jacket.

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