Rob Allen Loading Pad

Colour: Black
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  • Cushions the butt of the gun on your chest

  • The perfect protection when wearing a thin suit

  • Adjustment slides to fit various body sizes

Rob Allen Loading Pad

The Rob Allen loading pad is a padded plate that is worn on your chest to protect it againt any pressure when loading a speargun on your chest. It is the perfect protection if you are wearing a thin or non specific spearing suit that does not have any protection. It comes in one size fits all due to the adjustable straps to secure it to your body, the quick release buckles make it easy to put on and off. Short spearguns are generally loaded on your thigh, however longer guns need to be loading on your chest. To do this, there is alot of pressure and if you do not have a loading pad, you could potentially bruise your sternum and it will be painful. The Rob Allen loading pad is a must when using a long speargun.

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