Rob Allen Load Assist

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Colour: Blue
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  • 14mm Rubber

  • Stainless Steel Hook

  • Makes Loading Rubbers Easier

Rob Allen Load Assist

The Rob Allen Load Assist is a great little item to have when owning a spear gun. It is designed to help you load roller guns and standard rail guns by giving you an extra length of rubber. Made with 14mm Rob Allen rubber, dyneema bridle and a stainless steel hook. You simply place the hook over the bridle that is on your exsisting rubber and use the load assist to load your gun. Then you can grab the connected rubber and finish off the load by pulling it to the notch where the load assist will release. It will float to the surface where you can then retreive it. If you are having issues loading your gun, whether it be strength or arm length, the Rob Allen load assist will be the perfect itme for you.

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