Rob Allen Ladder Teaser/Flasher

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Colour: Clear/Grey
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  • Stainless Steel 

  • 3 teaser spinners

  • Heavy duty squid

Rob Allen Ladder Teaser/Spinner

Elevate your blue water hunting game with the Rob Allen Ladder Teaser/Spinner – a game-changing product that's revolutionizing the underwater experience. Crafted from premium stainless steel, this 1.3m innovation boasts a ladder design adorned with three eye-catching spinners, accompanied by a heavy-duty rubber-coated squid that sways enticingly at the base. The Ladder Teaser employs the interplay of reflective light from the spinners, water-penetrating vibrations, and the allure of the sizeable squid to entice predators in for a closer look. Drawing fish to your vicinity has never been more intriguing. Designed to excel in murky conditions, the Rob Allen Ladder Teaser/Spinner is your ultimate companion. For those diving into clearer waters, consider the Rob Allen Spinner Teaser for optimal performance. Experience the transformation in your hunting tactics today!

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