Rob Allen Gun Cassette

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  • Strong and Durable
  • Quick and Easy to Change

Rob Allen Gun Cassette Product Description


The Rob Allen Gun Cassette also know as the Trigger Mechanism is a spare part that can be easily installed without hassles. This trigger mechanism sits inside the gun handle and is what controls and releases the spear and line release. When the spear is put into the gun handle and trigger mech, it needs to be held securely so when the rubber is pulled back, the spear does not release. The mono (shooting line) is also held back by the trigger mechanism to prevent it from being tangled. In one swift movement inside the mech, when the trigger is pulled, it simultaneously lets go of the spear and the line releases lets go of the mono. A trigger mech is the most important part of a speargun as without this, you will not be able to load of fire the gun. It is extremely easy to change if needed. Keep in mind that if you do not clean you spearfishing gear correctly, it can in fact get stuck in the handle by rust, sand and grit. Keep your gear clean and you will have no issues when needing to change the trigger mechanism.


It comes in 2 styles including standard and with a loading butt. See detailed image. The loading butt can be more comfortable when chest laoding on longer guns.

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