Rob Allen Gun Bungee

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  • Makes rigging of the gun easier when using low stretch Nylon or Dyneema

  • Reduces the chance of the line slipping when diving in turbulent conditions

  • Standard with Snapclip swivel attached

Rob Allen Gun Bungee

The Rob Allen gun bungee is made from 10mm rubber with dyneema braid through it and a snap clip swivel on the end. The idea of a Rob Allen Gun bungee is to be put on the gun under the muzzle on the under part of the barrel, connected to the mono line or shooting line. When you fire the speargun and the spear hits its maximum length, instead of it stopping quick fast with a jolt, the bungee will allow that bounce to prevent the whiplash feeling. The other reason for having a bungee on your speargun is for when you hit a fish and it takes off at a speed, the bungee will again give it that bounce stopping the fish from ripping the spear out of its self. A gun bungee can be put on any speargun, old or new with ease. To do this, you loop the dyneema end through the small hold under the muzzle, then shorten the mono line to fit snug between the spear and the bungee.

If you have any questions about how to rig a gun bungee on to a speargun, please contact us at Dive Warehouse.

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