Rob Allen Float Bungee

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Size: 1
Colour: Black
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  • 10mm diameter
  • 1m, 3m and 5m length
  • Decreases strain

Rob Allen Float Bungee

Experience the power of the Rob Allen Float Bungee 1m, expertly engineered for both strength and flexibility. Crafted from robust 10mm Rob Allen rubber and featuring a Dyneema line that spans the entire length, this bungee is purposefully designed with looped ends for seamless connection. The primary function of the Float Bungee is to act as a crucial link between your speargun and float line, effectively alleviating pressure exerted by large pelagic fish on your equipment.

By incorporating the Float Bungee into your setup, you not only enhance the longevity of your gear but also mitigate the strain it would otherwise endure without this innovative solution. The superior design of the Rob Allen 1m bungee enables it to stretch up to an impressive 3m in length, offering both resilience and adaptability to various underwater scenarios.

Elevate your spearfishing game with the Rob Allen Float Bungee 1m - your key to extending equipment lifespan and maximizing performance during encounters with powerful marine species.

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