Rob Allen Flash Float With Line

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  • Heavy duty PVC construction

  • Polyurethane filled

  • 20 m monofilament

Rob Allen Flash Float With Line

 Enhance your spearfishing success with the Rob Allen Flash Float With Line Winder, an ideal solution for elevating your flasher to attract fish with precision. Crafted from heavy-duty PVC and filled with durable polyurethane, this float guarantees exceptional strength and longevity. Elevating its importance, a reliable float is an indispensable component of your spearfishing gear, offering a safeguard against potential gun loss.

Included with the float is a generous 20m length of mono line, expertly connected via a bungee system. By securing the snap clip at the mono's opposite end to your gun handle, you ensure a fail-safe approach. Imagine the scenario: you've shot a fish, air runs thin, and you release your gun to ascend for a breath. With the buoyant float remaining on the surface, locating your gear becomes effortless, securing both your breath and your prized gun. The Rob Allen Flash Float caters to smaller game, making it the optimal choice for targeting small to medium-sized fish with precision.

Elevate your spearfishing endeavors with the Rob Allen Flash Float With Line Winder - your partner in strategic fish attraction and gun safety beneath the waves.

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