Rob Allen Drop Barb 7.5mm Shaft

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Size: 140cm 100cm Gun
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  • 7.5mm thickness
  • 200kg rated drop barb
  • Twin notch

Rob Allen Drop Barb 7.5mm Shaft

Experience the Rob Allen Drop Barb Shaft, a versatile choice measuring 7.5mm in thickness, compatible with all Rob Allen spearguns and the majority of universal guns. Crafted from a resilient carbon alloy spring steel, this shaft exhibits remarkable strength while maintaining flexibility. The 7.5mm diameter ensures exceptional long-range fish penetration capabilities, particularly effective for targeting large aquatic specimens – provided you've chosen the appropriate gun length and rubber configuration to maximize the spear's power.

The tri-cut tip guarantees unrivaled sharpness, ensuring seamless fish penetration with minimal effort. The double-notch design empowers you to load two rubbers onto their individual notches, unleashing additional power when tackling larger fish.

The unique drop barb feature revolutionizes your fishing experience. Designed to securely hold your catch, the barb rests atop the shaft, connected via a sturdy dyneema loop. Upon shooting, the barb detaches from the shaft as it penetrates through the fish, preventing any slipping off. The fish remains secured on the dyneema cord between the barb and shaft. Both barb and dyneema line boast a robust 200kg rating, guaranteeing reliability.

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