Riffe Euro Hawaiian 7.5mm Spear

Size: 100cm
Sale price$119.00 AUD


  • 7.5mm thickness
  • Single Flopper 
  • Twin fin

Riffe Euro Hawaiian 7.5mm Spear

Discover the Riffe Euro Hawaiian Shaft – a pinnacle of speargun technology tailored for optimal performance. Measuring 7.5mm in diameter, this shaft is expertly designed to suit the Riffe Euro Speargun while catering to all European sling guns. Manufactured from heat-treated spring stainless steel, it's engineered to withstand rigors and prevent bending, ideal for targeting sizeable pelagic fish.

Equipped with twin finned loading tabs, commonly referred to as shark fins, this innovative feature ensures secure placement of your bridle. This strategic arrangement maximizes propulsion upon firing, enhancing your shooting accuracy and power. The Hawaiian design of the shaft positions the single flopper at the base when loaded into the gun, optimizing your aim and targeting precision.

Embrace the cutting-edge technology of the Riffe Euro Hawaiian Shaft and elevate your spearfishing prowess. Dive confidently, knowing you're equipped with a shaft designed for durability, accuracy, and seamless performance, setting a new benchmark for underwater hunting gear.

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