Cressi Floatline Rigged

Sale price$69.99 AUD


  • 15m of line
  • Speed needle
  • Stringer

Cressi Floatline Rigged

Introducing the Cressi Floatline Rigged: your ultimate solution for spearfishing excellence. Crafted with precision and expertise, this floatline redefines efficiency and convenience, enhancing your underwater pursuits.

The Cressi Deluxe Spearfishing Float Rope is ingeniously designed, featuring a 15mm opaque blue outer core combined with a robust 3mm Dyneema Internal line. This fusion of materials ensures durability and reliability, even in demanding aquatic environments.

Equipped for seamless functionality, the Cressi Floatline comes complete with a Speed Spike at one end and a Shark Clip at the other. This intelligently designed setup guarantees secure attachments and effortless maneuverability during your spearfishing adventures.

Elevate your dives with the Cressi Floatline Rigged—a testament to innovative design and practicality that complements your skills and aspirations. Dive confidently, knowing that your gear is engineered to enhance your underwater experience.

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