Reef Line Spring Handle Catch Bag

Size: Small
Colour: Orange
Sale price$59.99 AUD


  • Spring loaded handle
  • Heavy duty mesh
  • Bottom zip

Reef Line Spring Handle Catch Bag

Introducing the Reef Line Spring Handle Catch Bag – the ultimate companion for crayfish hunters, meticulously designed to conquer Australian waters. This high-quality bag is built to endure the rugged challenges of the hunt while offering unparalleled convenience.

Crafted for durability and strength, the Cressi Spring Loaded Mesh bag is a robust masterpiece. Its top half is reinforced with tough PVC, ensuring it can withstand the harshest conditions. The bottom half, made from heavy-duty mesh, minimizes drag and facilitates efficient drainage, making it the perfect companion for underwater pursuits.

What sets this bag apart is its innovative "lid" – a spring-loaded clasp made from stainless steel. With a simple one-handed squeeze, you can easily open the bag to secure your catch. To empty your bounty, just unzip the bottom of the bag for swift and hassle-free access.

When not in use, the bag conveniently folds in half, and a sturdy buckle keeps it compact and ready for storage. Plus, the large model features a handy front pocket on the PVC section, perfect for storing additional tools or accessories you might need during your crayfish hunting expeditions.

Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a beginner, the Reef Line Spring Handle Catch Bag is your trusty companion for securing your underwater treasures with ease and efficiency. Dive in, explore the depths, and bring home your prized catches in style with this remarkable bag. 


Size Small Large
Length 580mm 675mm
Width 510mm 630mm

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