Raider Adult L100 Life Jacket

Size: X-Large
Colour: Red/Yellow
Sale price$135.00 AUD


Elevate your water adventures with the Raider Adult L100 Life Jacket – a versatile and robust buoyancy aid tailored for adults. Crafted for safety during boating, kayaking, or paddleboarding, this life jacket ensures essential flotation in the water. Its comfortable and adjustable design guarantees freedom of movement, providing adults with the confidence to enjoy water-based activities securely. The Raider L100 stands as a reliable and indispensable safety companion, offering both security and comfort. Dive into your aquatic pursuits with peace of mind, knowing the Raider Adult L100 is your trusted partner, combining functionality and safety for a worry-free water experience. Don't compromise on safety – invest in the Raider L100 for unparalleled security and comfort during your next water adventure.

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