Probe I-Flex 5mm Ladies Wetsuit

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  • iFlex Semi-dry technology
  • GBS Seams
  • Hydro-barrier zip

Probe I-Flex 5mm Ladies Wetsuit

Introducing the Probe I-Flex 5mm Ladies Wetsuit – a premium wetsuit crafted for female divers seeking top-notch performance and comfort in temperate waters. Made with a blend of high-quality materials, including Neoprene and Ultrastretch Neoprene, the I-Flex wetsuit ensures a convenient fit and effortless donning.

The modern design of the I-Flex wetsuit features red-colored neoprene panels, adding a stylish touch to its exceptional functionality.

The Probe I-Flex wetsuit retains its characteristic back zipper closure, providing a secure and comfortable fit for underwater adventures. The neck closure, thoughtfully positioned at the rear, enhances comfort and minimizes chafing, allowing for an enjoyable and distraction-free diving experience.

With the addition of an anti-chafing zip and a large built-in area on both wrists, the I-Flex wetsuit ensures a secure grip when wearing a dive computer, offering easy access to crucial information during dives.

Dive confidently into temperate waters, knowing the Probe I-Flex 5mm Ladies Wetsuit will deliver unparalleled performance and comfort. Embrace the advanced features and convenience that the I-Flex wetsuit offers, making every dive a memorable and delightful experience.

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse in fresh water after every use
  • Use wetsuit shampoo to clean
  • Hang to dry in shady area
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight
  • Hang for long term storage

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