Penetrator Fibreglass Short Blades

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  •  62 cm working blade length
  • Fibreglass and epoxy resin
  • 25-degree toe angle

Penetrator Fibreglass Short Blades

Introducing the Penetrator Ghost Fins - now available in a compact version to perfectly suit smaller framed divers. The P 620 range features a 62cm working length blade, with a width of 19cm. This shorter blade design promotes a more efficient fining style for divers with shorter leg length, reducing excessive knee bend that can be caused by longer blades.

The Penetrator Composite blades are meticulously crafted from Glass Fibre and Epoxy resin using the same advanced vacuum molding process and high-temperature digitally controlled and monitored cure cycle as our Carbon Fiber range. CNC cut to ensure accurate profiles, these blades offer progressive flex along the blade, maximizing efficiency and durability. They are the ultimate choice for all-round shore-based and boat-based freediving and spearfishing.

- Working blade length: 62cm
- Insert length: 14cm
- Blade width: 19cm
- Angle to foot pocket: 25 degrees
- Blade weight bare: 280g

Experience the perfect harmony of efficiency, durability, and compact design with the Penetrator Ghost Fins P 620 range. Whether you're exploring the depths from the shore or embarking on boat-based adventures, these fins are tailored to meet the needs of smaller framed divers seeking unmatched performance and comfort. Embrace the advancement in fin technology and take your freediving and spearfishing to new heights with the Penetrator Ghost Fins P 620 range.

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