Oceanic Viper Open Heel Fin

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  • Adjustable heel
  • Channel thrust technology
  • Long blade

Oceanic Viper Open Heel Fin

Dive into unparalleled underwater capabilities with the Oceanic Viper Open Heel Fin – your ultimate companion for exceptional performance, comfort, and versatility beneath the waves. 

Meticulously crafted with precision and innovation, the Oceanic Viper Open Heel Fin boasts a variable blade length ranging from 36 to 40 cm, tailored to different sizes for optimal power and efficiency. Glide effortlessly through the water as the open heel design ensures a secure and comfortable fit, accommodating various foot sizes and facilitating easy donning and doffing.

Constructed from top-tier materials, these fins strike the perfect balance between durability and flexibility. The bi-material construction guarantees strength and responsiveness, enabling efficient propulsion while minimizing leg fatigue. Enjoy extended dives with the thrill of comfort. The standout feature of the Oceanic Viper Open Heel Fin is its advanced channel thrust system, optimizing water flow for a greater thrust effect with each kick. Experience enhanced efficiency and maneuverability, even in challenging underwater conditions.

Available in a range of sizes, the Oceanic Viper Open Heel Fin ensures a perfect fit for every diver. Its sleek and streamlined design not only delivers top-notch performance but also adds a touch of style to your underwater adventures. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned diver, these fins are tailored to meet your needs and elevate your exploration beneath the surface. Dive into the extraordinary with the Oceanic Viper Open Heel Fin!


Viper 2 Fins Sizing Chart
USA 3-4 4.5-5.5 6-7 7.5-8.5 9-10 10.5-11.5 12-13
EU 34-36 36-38 38-39 39.5-41 42-43 44-45 45.5-47
UK 2-3 3.5-4.5 5-6 6.5-7.5 8-9 9.5-10.5 11-12

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse in fresh water after every use
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight for extended periods of time
  • Store in cool place
  • Do not use harsh chemicals to clean
  • Do not walk when fins are donned

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